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Athleticism, Intelligence, Herding Instinct, Loyalty
What Is a Miniature Aussie/Mini American Shepherd? A Miniature Australian Shepherd (now recognized by AKC as Miniature American Shepherd) was developed by breeding smaller Australian Shepherds for the desired size. Mini Aussies exhibit the same characteristics as their larger variation: athleticism, intelligence, herding instinct, loyalty. They are compact dogs.

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Southern Charm Mini Aussies


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Southern Charm Mini Aussies

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Improving the Breed Not For Quantity, But Quality
Improve the breed not to breed for quantity but for quality. Here at Southern Charm, we have done our best to acquire the best (Sires and Dams) to produce the best quality puppies of genetics, temperament, intelligence, agility, herding ability, and super loyal companions. The new name for this breed is Miniature American Shepherd per AKC.

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Southern Charm Mini Aussies
Southern Charm Mini Aussies
Southern Charm Mini Aussies

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